War Memoirs 1917-1919 (2nd Edition)

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With the Scottish Nurses in Roumania. London, J. Murray, Florez, C de. New York, Dutton, Furse K. London: Peter Davies, Ces soutanes sous la mitraille.

Scenes de guerre. Paris, Gautier, War account by a nurse-priest. Dans la bataille. Niort, H Boulord, Gallagher describes the service of his grandfather Bernard from the Atlantic passage in late to the end of Serving in the front line, he was captured in the March retreat. Gervis H. Arms and the doctor, being the military experiences of a middle-aged medical man.

London, Daniel, Gibbs Sir P. Realities of War. Observations of a War correspondent. Gleason AH. Young Hilda at the wars. New York, Frederick A. Stokes Company, With the first War ambulance in Belgium. New York, Burt, Gleichen H. Contacts and contrasts. She trained as a radiographer at the outbreak of war, and worked on the Italian Front from to ; although the book tells of her life to , a large part is devoted to her war experience. Godfroy L.

Champs de Bataille , n. Gosse P.

What's Happening?

Memoirs of a Camp Follower. Got A. L'affaire Miss Cavell.

From October to Brest-Litovsk (FULL Audiobook)

Paris, Plon, Gower M F Duchess of Sutherland. Six weeks at the war. London, The Times, Grow MC. Surgeon Grow, an American in the Russian fighting. New York, Stokes, Malcolm Grow chose to join a front line Russian surgical team; some of his exploits, including a trench raid, were perhaps unethical! A vivid account of fighting on the Eastern Front. Gray T. Hospital days in Rouen. Greeman E. The French adventures of a World War 1 Ambulance driver.


War Memoirs 1917-1919: Second Edition

New York, Writers and Readers Publishing, Groc L. France , Rouff Coll. Patrie 94 , Guitton GSJ. Un preneur d'ames : Louis Lenoir, aumonier des marsouins, Paris, J. Gsell P. Paris, Larousse, Gummer S. The Chavasse Twins. Lady Under Fire on the Western Front. She spent nearly four years on the Western Front in Belgium driving ambulances, and had the distinction of being became the first woman to be awarded the Military Medal for her bravery as well as the French Croix de Guerre and the Belgian Order of Leopold.

Hand-Newton CT. A Physician in Peace and War. Christchurch, NM Peryer, Harden HSS. Faenza Rest Camp: a story of the Mediterranean L. Hardon AF. War Letters of an American V. New York, Privately Printed Hargrave J.

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London, Constable. Harmer M. The Forgotten Hospital. Chichester, Springwood Books, The hospital had a field arm and a base in Petrograd.


Harrison CH. Chicago, Seymour Hayward JD late Capt. Liverpool, Daily Post Printers, c. The mobile hospital subscribed by a group of Liverpool merchants and given to the War Office was established first at Etaples and later at Deauville. Account of experiences including aerial bombing and roll of staff. Hays HM. New York, Knopf, Herringham Sir W. A Physician in France. London, Edward Arnold, A senior physician who intersperses his medical experiences with astute observations on France and the French.

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High P ed. Perth, Chavril Press, n. Brief summary of the barge flotilla, with the letters home of Sister Millicent Peterkin. Higonnet MR ed. Nurses at the Front.

War Memoirs 1917-1919 (2nd Edition) War Memoirs 1917-1919 (2nd Edition)
War Memoirs 1917-1919 (2nd Edition) War Memoirs 1917-1919 (2nd Edition)
War Memoirs 1917-1919 (2nd Edition) War Memoirs 1917-1919 (2nd Edition)
War Memoirs 1917-1919 (2nd Edition) War Memoirs 1917-1919 (2nd Edition)
War Memoirs 1917-1919 (2nd Edition) War Memoirs 1917-1919 (2nd Edition)

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