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LEMOINE Study (no.34), from 'Études enfantines', op.37

What do Americans think about God, Jesus Christ, sin, and eternity? Evangelicals have a great concern for the gospel, the evangel , yet a majority of them also express some views that are contrary to the truth of the Bible. This idea flatly contradicts the Bible, which teaches the radical corruption of every human being and declares that no one does good by nature Rom.

Evangelicals are also confused about the exclusivity of Christianity and its objective claims to truth.

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The Bible is clear that the gospel is the only way of salvation, and God will not accept the worship of other faiths. Strangely, while most evangelicals strongly believe in justification by faith alone, they are confused about the person of Jesus Christ. On one hand, virtually all evangelicals express support for Trinitarian doctrine. These results show the pressing need for Christians to be taught Christology, especially as the outcome has gotten worse since There is a general lack of teaching today on the person of Christ, a doctrine for which the early church fought so hard.

When it comes to U. But beneath the surface, they hold these truths loosely. If God is not holy, then sin is not a big deal. Why do so many people have this casual outlook? If Christianity and its doctrines, such as the holiness of God and the resurrection of Christ, are merely matters of personal opinion, then we are truly lost. However, the media may be exaggerating the extent of this upheaval. Many Americans continue to agree with biblical ethics. The survey picks up some fascinating, and perhaps unexpected, results in the Millennial 18—34 age range. The views of Millennials will eventually shape the future of America.

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IPS Working Paper No. 34 – Religion, Morality and Conservatism in Singapore

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Study No. 34
Study No. 34
Study No. 34
Study No. 34
Study No. 34
Study No. 34
Study No. 34
Study No. 34
Study No. 34

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