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Social and Institutional Economics of Individuals and Households 8m. Neoclassical Economics of Individuals and Households 7m. Three Theories of Consumption 11m. Neoclassical Theory of Consumption 12m. How to Calculate the Price Elasticity of Demand? How to Calculate Utility Maximization?

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How to Derive the Individual Demand Function? What about the Organization of Communities? What about Gender? Quiz 2 practice exercises. Video 13 videos. General Overview of Firms 9m. Post Keynesian Theory of the Firm 10m. Neoclassical Theory of the Firm 7m. Types of Markets 5m. Market Failures 6m.

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How to Calculate the Profit Rate? How many Workers should a Firm hire to Maximize Profit? How to Calculate Profit in Neoclassical Economics? What are the Key Differences between Types of Markets? What about the Organization of the Market? What about Markets, Consumption and Production? Test Your Knowledge about Firms and Markets 30m. Video 5 videos. The State 11m. Public Goods and Commons 8m. What about the Organization of the State?

What about Water and Sanitation? Test Your Knowledge about the State 30m.

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Show More. Labour Markets - General Concepts 6m. Labour Markets - Social Economics 13m. Labour Markets - Institutional Economics 11m. Labour Markets - Post Keynesian Economics 9m. Labour Markets - Neoclassical Economics 13m. Financial Markets - Key Concepts 11m.

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Financial Markets - Social and Institutional Economics 11m. How Important is Labour Productivity for a Firm? What about Decent Work and Income Inequality? Test Your Knowledge about Factor Markets 30m. Video 14 videos.

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Key concepts about the Macro Economic Flow 5m. The Macroeconomic Flow in Neoclassical Economics 6m. Social Economics of Money 9m. Institutional Economics of Money 11m. Post Keynesian Economics of Money 12m. Neoclassical Economics of Money 11m. How to Calculate the Multiplier? How to Calculate Inflation? What are The Causes of Inflation? What about the Governance Challenges for Society? Video 16 videos. Why and How of Economic Growth 7m. Social and Institutional Economics of Growth 11m. Post Keynesian Economics of Growth 13m.

Neoclassical Economics of Growth 10m. Key Concepts about International Trade 10m. Social Economics of Trade 7m. Institutional Economics of Trade 6m. Post Keynesian Economics of Trade 9m. Neoclassical Economics of Trade 14m. What does Demand-led Growth Mean?

Micro Economics: Individuals, Households and Consumers

What is Endogenous Growth? What is the Consumer Surplus? What is the Leakage Effect of Trade? What is Meant by the Comparative Advantage of Trade? What about Partnering in a Balanced Society? What about the Global Organization of Societies? Test Your Knowledge about Growth and Trade 30m. Introduction and Social Economics of Nature 11m.

Institutional Economics of Nature 11m. Post Keynesian Economics of Nature 8m. Neoclassical Economics of Nature 11m.

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Complete theories Complete theories
Complete theories Complete theories
Complete theories Complete theories
Complete theories Complete theories
Complete theories Complete theories

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