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Targeting Desired Consumers

Understand How Long Tail Keywords Work

Think again. Internet marketing is essential for a successful business today. The benefits of web marketing over traditional advertising are numerous.

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Keep reading for five arguments that will make your business realize the value of Internet advertising. The number of devices which allow us to connect to the Internet is growing at a rapid pace.

On a daily basis I use two laptop computers, a netbook, two smart phones, and one ipod, all of which give me instant access to the web. Nearly everywhere you turn people are tuning in and jumping on the technology bandwagon. No longer does a consumer have to sit in front of a computer to go online; rather they can browse the Internet from their IP-capable devices. When compared with mobile devices, print newspapers can be cumbersome to people who are constantly on the go.

People have access to the Internet almost anywhere in the world today. In traditional advertising campaigns, your reach is limited to local populations; couple this with a decline in circulation of local newspapers and you are faced with a significant decline in the number of consumers who will view your advertisement. With online marketing, you are able to reach a wider audience and also market specifically towards your consumer base see reason 5. To get started involves an initial investment. It is the cost of building an online presence, a web page or web site. This is necessary because most Internet advertising involves bringing users to a web site, "generating traffic.

The site may also be a more interactive display with e-commerce capabilities allowing a visitor to read about and see pictures of products, to place an order or even to purchase and pay for items online. An e-commerce capable site is often referred to as a cyberstore. The cost of building a web site will depend on the complexity of the resulting web site. The first questions to ask when deciding on the best way to advertise on the web are the same questions one would pose in launching an ad campaign.

Once these questions are answered, planning and designing a web site and online advertising campaign can begin. The goal of an advertiser is to capture those users who may be interested in his or her product or service. Google was one of the first search engines to offer advertisers the opportunity to do just that. Today, many search engine businesses offer this opportunity by selling terms.

Why do people avoid advertising on the internet

The practice is called paid search terms, or pay-per-click search-engine advertising, or, in the case of Google, AdWords. By purchasing a term through a search engine, you purchase the right to have a hypertext link appear on the result page of any search phrase that included the term you purchase.

Internet Advertising

For example, a user types the words "air filtration system" into a search engine. The company that has purchased the term "air filtration system" from the search engine will appear on the list of results for that search and the user will have the opportunity to link directly to the advertising company's web site. The advertising air filtering company only pays if and when the user actually clicks through to its web site. This is called pay-per-click.

It's also the most potentially powerful online advertising tools for the small business, according to Seth Stevenson in his article entitled "Words That Sell.

This form of advertising helps to level the playing field. Paid search terms are an evolving advertising model. With popularity, the cost for terms will increase since they are sold in an auction format. Nonetheless, a carefully tailored advertising plan can maximize the traffic generated from the purchase of just a few words. And, if nobody clicks through to your site, you pay nothing. Before the advent of paid search terms, search engine optimization SEO was the primary means of capturing the attention of web users as they began an Internet session with a search engine query.

It is still a useful method for gaining exposure. Through the use of SEO, companies can use a combination of HTML design elements meta tags, links to and from other sites , text and keywords to ensure that their web sites are picked up by the search engines and appear high on a search results page.

Why Internet Marketing is Better than Print Advertising

If done properly, this can increase traffic to the company's web site without paying a pay-per-click fee. However, implementing a successful SEO plan takes a great deal of expertise. That must be acquired or purchased; either way a cost is involved. Banner advertisements are graphic advertisements that appear on a web site and are intended to build brand awareness or generate traffic for the advertiser's web site.

Banner ads were once the leading form of advertising online. Often banners are part of a "link exchange," or cooperative advertising arrangement, in which two businesses with complimentary products and services advertise each other on their respective sites in order to reach a large segment of a given market. However, some Web advertising agencies claim that few people access web pages through banners; these agencies are now trying new motion and graphic technologies to make the banners more inviting.

Some experts suggest that businesses consider advertising banners as just one part of an online marketing mix. Sending advertisements by e-mail is another method of using the Internet as an advertising vehicle. The use of mass direct e-mail, in which businesses send unsolicited mail messages to a list of e-mail accounts, has fallen out of favor and in many cases breaks new laws designed to crack down on spamming. An online newsletter sent out by e-mail is a more sophisticated way in which to reach actual and potential customers. An increasing numbers of businesses have supplemented their general customer satisfaction surveys with queries concerning customers' feelings about being put on a direct mailing list.

Online surveys are also a way to build up an e-mail address mailing list that can be used to send out company information relatively inexpensively.

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When this is well done, the newsletter or promotional piece will include hypertext links to the company's web page and will encourage the reader to pass the newsletter on to other interested parties. In addition to the online advertising methods listed here, there are many others. Companies use referral services through which link exchanges are managed. Some companies sponsor web sites for other groups in exchange for links to their own web site.

Some publication sites sell classified advertisement space, much as it is done on more traditional print advertising.

Advertising on the Internet Advertising on the Internet
Advertising on the Internet Advertising on the Internet
Advertising on the Internet Advertising on the Internet
Advertising on the Internet Advertising on the Internet
Advertising on the Internet Advertising on the Internet

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